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Hi, I am Holley, and I appreciate you checking out my quotes blog. This blog is very special to me.

I know…I know…Just another quotes site. But I guarantee that if you stick around and watch while I update and develop this blog, you won’t be disappointed. I only am posting 17 categories of specific quotes. Each category has a particular story and great memories for me to relive and moments for me to live for in the future.

I am blessed with the pleasure of having to wonderful men in my life that are so supportive of me and my goals, I feel like a queen. My boyfriend, Tony, is fantastic. He is the most caring man I have ever met and never questions all my “many endeavors” – he encourages me in fact. Then there is my son, Jacob, who recently turned 19 and started college in January. I am so proud of him. Jacob brings the humor into my life when I need it most. We have an unbreakable bond that I cannot put into words. I do not need to, in fact, because he feels it too and that is all that matters.

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What I Do:

The Creative’s Brand Designer

I help creative, crafty artists brand themselves online and set up a social media presence and website that will help engage their audience and delight their current followers.
Let me help you find your home on the internet. It’s imperative in today’s world where technology is the norm. Your current fans will have a place to refer their family, friends, and acquaintances to help you reach a larger audience.
Setting up your brand includes design, a great name, tagline, and a unique selling position that will take your craft and talent to new levels. I love working with other creatives. You inspire me to continue to hone my creativity which is one of the most important areas of my life.  Being creative is my saving grace, and I intend on showing others how much creativity of all kinds can do the same for them. 

Contact Holley Jacobs for more information.

Thanks again, I look forward to having lots of fun on this blog so join in whenever!


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